04 AUG, 2015

Apologies on the lack of info from our hands and brains. Things have been all over and when there's more info to go around, we'll post it. For the time being, we've posed links to tickets for FEST as well as the confirmed date we'll be playing.

Tuesday love,

11 MAY, 2015

Hey, we have a prettier website now! Woo! If you have any issues, please hit us up on Twitter or FB or something. Also, there's still a little optimization to be done, so shhh.


21 APRIL, 2015

We're happy as hell to announce that we'll be playing at FEST in FL this year w/ all these bands!

We'll have some more info in the coming weeks; things like tour dates and details on our FEST performance.

Who knows... maybe we'll even have some new songs up our touring sleeves.


TBA OCT 2015


31 OCT 2015

Gainesville, FL
        every band on earth